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Amanda Lear Would Do Anything Jean Paul Gaultier Asks

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On and off the runway, the cast and crew of ’s upcoming revue “Fashion Freak Show” had turned out in full force for his smoking hot, in all senses, fall couture show. Actress and scriptwriter Tonie Marshall, the revue’s codirector, sat alongside former cabaret star and “queen of the night” Régine.

“I’d do anything Jean Paul asks,” said Amanda Lear, having done his previous revue in Berlin three years ago. “We’ve been talking about it for a while.” The singer and veteran model recently lent her voice to Edna Mode in the sequel to Disney’s animated movie “The Incredibles 2,” which was released in France earlier that day.

Visual artists Pierre Commoy and Gilles Blanchard, best known as Pierre et Gilles, were taking in the brouhaha as took her seat under the snap of a thousand smartphones — and no shortage of professional lenses either. “There are thousands of images today, and I love it. You get to step into a person’s universe,” said Blanchard.

The artists, whose contribution to the upcoming Folies Bergères production includes an image symbolizing the love between Gaultier and his late partner Francis Menuge, are exhibiting a series of works on the religious in the Southern French town of Perpignan. “Then we’ll go to Normandy to relax and get away from the crowds,” said Blanchard.

American producer and musician Nils Rodgers arrived to take his place in a front row studded with friends of the house, like Campbell, with whom he’d spent the previous evening. “We’re working on the show together but I’ve always loved his clothing,” the musician said, showing off his blazer studded in Egyptian hieroglyphics from the couturier’s spring 2015 men’s wear collection. He demurred on talking about any other projects, saying: “I’m really proud of what we’re doing at the Folies Bergères.”

“That was smoking hot, smoking beautiful,” said Noemie Lenoir after the show, among the few in the room who would not be in the production, which premieres in October. “I have a good excuse, though,” she pleaded good-naturedly, explaining she would be in the middle of filming an upcoming documentary on fashion in Africa.

Her next role on the silver screen is in “Alad’2,” a comedy also starring French comics Djamel Debouzze and Kev Adams, to be released in the fall.

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