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Christian Louboutin Opens New Boutique at Wynn Las Vegas

Christian Louboutin Wynn Las Vegas

this week will open its 141st boutique at Wynn . The 1,734-square-foot space, located in the Encore Esplanade alongside Chanel, Hermès, Alexander McQueen and a host of other luxury brands, will house the latest offerings from the brand’s iconic red-soled shoe collections, along with Vegas exclusives and bags and leather goods for women and men. Louboutin also has Las Vegas stores at the Shops at Crystal and the Forum.

Inspired by the designer’s hometown of Paris, which he dubbed a “city of contrasts,” the store’s various elements speak to the many juxtapositions that inspire his designs: modernity and nature, innovation and romance, functionality and whimsy. “If you look closely enough, you’ll see references to the opposites that coexist in Paris, where I was born and raised. I’ve always loved Paris. It is a great gift, you stroll around and you see so many beautiful things that are really inspiring,” he said.

Christian Louboutin Wynn Las VegasChristian Louboutin Wynn Las Vegas

Christian Louboutin Wynn Las Vegas

A travertine facade is layered with interlocking geometric forms that draw direct inspiration from the architectural constructs of Paris — the “lace and steel” Eiffel Tower, the city’s structural layout, and the symmetry of the streets. Arched “windows” are reminiscent of the Galerie Vero Dodat in Paris, the location of Louboutin’s first boutique. These windows echo the silhouette of the brand’s signature niche walls found in each boutique that frame Louboutin creations.

The boutique is divided to create intimate spaces, emulating the enclosures of Parisian gardens. Bronze gates separate the two areas that showcase the men’s and women’s collections. Brightly colored leaf-shaped details adorn various walls, serving as a playful reference to nature within the architectural setting. This exotic touch signifies the concept of bringing the outside indoors, and reflects Louboutin’s passion for gardens and nature as a continuing source of inspiration in his work.

Christian Louboutin Wynn Las VegasChristian Louboutin Wynn Las Vegas

Inside the Christian Louboutin store at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Once inside, central seating is anchored with intricate bronze metalwork forms flowing down from the ceiling, a tangible reference to a dramatic fountain. A cascading display for shoes, the main area is completed with contrasting materials: soft velvet in pleated folds and Stone Leaf.

In the women’s collection area, delicate metal screens are used to punctuate richly textured accent walls, created by French design firm Atelier de la Torre. These accent walls feature a repeating raised feather motif created from plaster and hand-painted in red and gold.
Opposite the women’s collection area, the men’s section also houses Louboutin’s signature niche walls, but are reinterpreted to showcase Louboutin Homme offerings on a clean white surface, finished with stud embellishments. A triangular mirrored display creates a trompe l’oeil effect, and functions as a light-hearted nod to Louboutin’s unique sense of humor reflected in his designs.

To celebrate the opening, Louboutin created four styles with a gambling theme in mind. The two women’s heels, men’s loafer, and men’s sneaker feature silver, black and red strass-encrusted suits will be exclusive to the boutique.

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