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Giuseppe Zanotti Headquarters Robbed

Giuseppe Zanotti

MILAN — ’s headquarters in San Mauro Pascoli, , were robbed on Wednesday night — the sixth time in three years.

This last time, seven thieves burst into the company’s warehouse to steal 100 boxes containing 300 pairs of , which were ready to be shipped to the U.S. Here, the designer was set to present his fall collection, but had to call off the trip after the robbery.

According to the company, the burglars used a pickup truck to crash into the site, broke the computers and alarm systems and blocked all the entryways to the warehouse.

The stolen goods were valued at around 270,000 euros, but the overall loss amounts to 700,000 euros, including material damages to the property.

“Our territory has been safe and unthreatened for years, but now we are facing a wave of unsafety. Our hard work is swept away by professional burglars who remain unpunished,” said Giuseppe Zanotti.

“I wish we could rely on a serious, concrete, real intervention from the institutions to safeguard private citizens and companies,” added the designer, expressing his dismay for the numerous Italian “brave entrepreneurs who still invest on the territory, bringing labor and wealth, fighting to stay strong in a competitive market, but in the end are helpless in facing criminality.”

In the past three years, Zanotti’s headquarters in San Mauro Pascoli, a storied footwear hub in central Italy, were robbed of 5,500 pairs of shoes for total damages of more than one million euros. The last robbery was held two months ago.

Most recently, the footwear label — which posted revenues of 174 million euros in 2017 — announced it would launch its e-store in China, slated to debut on Friday.

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