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Gucci Unveils First Results of Boboli Gardens Restoration

The Boboli Gardens in Florence.

IN THE NAME OF NATURE: organized a guided tour Tuesday night of Florence’s Boboli Gardens, where the brand is financing a major restoration plan, in collaboration with the Uffizi Gallery and the city of Florence. The goal is to help bring back the park located in the heart of the Tuscan city to its former splendor. In particular, the luxury company donated two million euros to finance different works across the venue.

As shown by Boboli Gardens coordinator Bianca Maria Landi, the restoration process began with a 17th-century cypress, which through advanced technologies was reinforced with cables in a high-tech hyper resistant fiber. The second step of the project will start on July 4, when a range of activities will focus on the restoration of the drainage system in the area of the park’s Sycamores Boulevard, which will be also revamped.

Other activities will include the replacement of the terracotta vases housing Boboli Garden’s collection of 500 citrus trees dating back to the end of the 16th century.

“We are very happy with the progress of the works and it’s great to see the first result of this project,” said Gucci president and chief executive officer Marco Bizzarri, who attended the guided tour. “Over the last year, Florence has been at the center of many of our activities and I think we gave it a remarkable attention.”

Along with financing the restoration of the Boboli Gardens, Gucci last year hosted its resort 2018 runway show at the city’s Palatine Gallery, unveiled the Gucci Garden project in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia in January and inaugurated its ArtLab new industrial hub capped in Scandicci, a stone’s throw from Florence, last April.

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