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Kate Young Lends Her Stylist Touch to Cocktail Crafting

Kate Young for Maison St-Germain

Super stylist Kate Young is branching out from clothes and for the first time, is dabbling into party planning and cocktail creation.

Following last year’s partnership with Lily Kwong, St-Germain has tapped Young to helm a summer solstice party and create a cocktail for the occasion. Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s second novel “The Beautiful and Damned,” Young will debut her vision on June 21 at The Battery in New York for the Maison St-Germain party.

“I really like it, first of all. And the bottle is chic,” Young said of wanting to partner with the company. “It’s always in the minibar at the Chateau Marmont which is where so many of my actresses stay during awards season, so I sort of associate it with drinking Champagne when they go out the door, because it’s really good with champagne.”

A fan of the cocktail, she was then educated on the history of the product. “The elderflowers only bloom once a year; there’s 1,000 in every bottle, and they have to be collected really quickly,” Young says. “The story is captivating, and it lends itself to a party.”

She took the Fitzgerald novel as inspiration and combined it with what she learned about the elderflower.

“The idea that there is one night that is so glamorous and beautiful, it’s sort of similar to this flower that only blooms for a little bit of time,” Young says. “There’s a little bit of tragedy in it; it burns bright and needs to get picked. There’s also the Twenties French vibe with the brand, which is just so glamorous. It’s so easy to think about for a party.”

Her approach to party planning was similar to the way she works with her clients, who include Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson.

“I kind of approached it the way I approach a new client, which is doing visual mood boards and thinking about what the DNA is,” Young says. “When I work with a new client I always think about how they want to be seen, how we can make their image really, clearly digestible. And what the look is going to be for a press tour.”

Her process involved pulling a lot of fashion images from the Twenties, staying away from the flapper dress cliché.

“It’s easy when you think about the Twenties to think about flappers, but I think that’s kind of obvious and not as exciting. I got really inspired by the Salvador Dalí cook book, which is really amazing,” she says. “I liked the idea that it could have a Twenties feel but also a surrealist feel. A lot of that is represented in Tim Walker’s photography, the idea that things cannot be what they seem. That things can be playfully off, and strange, and have a dreamlike quality.”

Young’s vision will be visible come June 21, when the party kicks off.

Kate Young’s Cocktail, Gloria (named for “The Beautiful and Damned” character Gloria Gilbert)

0.5 oz St-Germain French elderflower liqueur
0.25 oz Suze
Top off with cold dry Champagne
Spray St-Germain and Frankincense essential oil
Serve in a coupette

Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel + gold dust.

Kate Young for Maison St-Germain

Kate Young’s cocktail “Gloria”

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