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Kendall Jenner Meets Buff Hottie Who Wants to Kill Her Family

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Imagine going to the grocery store and running into a dude wearing a shirt that says he wants to KILL YOUR FAMILY!

That's what happened to Kendall Jenner on Wednesday … but, there's one twist — the guy with the grudge happens to have a body that SLAAAAYS.

Kendall says she was going out to get some milk when she ran into a super jacked dude sporting a "Kill The Kardashians" shirt at the market.

So, Kendall did what anyone in her situation would do … she posted the video on IG.

No word on who the dude is … but, good lord. #ArmsArmsArms

By the way, it's not the first time we've seen this shirt out in the wild — remember Slayer guitarist Gary Holt wore it onstage during a concert back in 2015 … after Kendall was spotted out in a Slayer shirt.

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