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L.A. Beauty Agency Forward Artists to Open New York Outpost

Micaela Erlanger

-based beauty agency Forward Artists, which represents top talent in the hair, makeup, styling and grooming fields – including wardrobe stylists Rob Zangardi, Mariel Haenn and Micaela Erlanger, makeup artists Pati Dubroff and Melanie Inglessis and hair stylists Giannandrea and John D – has opened a New York office.

Founded in 2014, Forward Artists has defined itself by promoting transparency between agents, artists & clients as well as offering artists greater control over their careers.

Noted Dubrof, “I’m proud to be part of an agency that truly values the artist and agent relationship by fostering the communication needs of both. A bicoastal presence will open exciting new doors for growth and collaboration with New York artists and clients.”

Said cofounder Spencer Spaulding, “We’ve had many artists and clients reaching out wondering if/when we planned on opening in New York but I only wanted to do it if it happened organically. Growth has been mindful to ensure a healthy business and that artists are properly taken care of. We have never wanted to blow-up into a monopoly of artists. We want to stay boutique and high-end so we can serve each and every one of our artists with a bit more of a personal touch. Our main focus now is to establish the agency in New York, and continue to grow both offices.”

He called the New York office “the natural progression for the future. There are numerous emerging and established New York-based artists that are craving something new in terms of how agencies are serving creative talent.”

The new office will be managed by director Leela Veeravalli, a former talent publicist. “I have known Leela since before she was an agent. I always had an affinity for her style of communication and professionalism,” said Spaulding.

Joining the company’s roster of clients are makeup artists Georgi Sandev, Nina Park, Sarah Tanno and Yumi Mori and men’s groomer Jessica Ortiz, most of whom are based in Los Angles but work regularly between coasts.

L.A.-based Zangardi, who with styling partner Haenn creates red carpet looks for Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Hailee Steinfeld and Cara Delevigne, among others, said, “Forward has helped us streamline our business, but more than that, it’s been such a positive experience. We are excited and really proud that the agency is expanding its reach by opening a New York office. We work all the time in New York.”

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