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Liberty Launches Bespoke Fragrances With Experimental Perfume Club

Layers by Experimental Perfume Club

NEW NOTES: Perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder of Experimental Perfume Club, is lending her talents to fragrance with the launch of capsule collections called Layers. The first collection will be launched exclusively at Liberty on June 27 before rolling out internationally.

Each collection will be released as a triptych consisting of a top, middle and base layer. The fragrances can be worn individually or together. Eventually, customers will be able to mix the fragrances with those from future collections.

The first collection consists of bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood. Each individual fragrance will retail for 95 pounds. A smaller collection of the trio, which includes a blending bottle and a blending guide, costs 90 pounds.

“These collections, Layers, are created for people to be more experimental, it’s about teaching members of the public what a fragrance is made out of and essentially lead them towards their own blend,” said Moeglin, who launched Experimental Perfume Club last year.

“We’re bringing the learning that I went through of running workshops to elevate fragrances, so that all the fragrances that we’re going to launch are niche perfumes that can be layered,” she said.

Moeglin has trained with leading perfumeries and institutions including Givaudan, L’Oréal and Puig prior to developing an open-access perfume lab, where she worked closely with businesses to create customized fragrances.

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