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Lizzie Tisch Unveils Style Venture

Lizzie Tisch

Lizzie Tisch has a new project up her sleeve.

She has launched LTD by Lizzie Tisch, an experiential style venture that will focus on exclusive, limited-edition designer collaborations. The venture will be introduced with an outdoor event in Bridgehampton, N.Y., on July 14 and 15, for which LTD has chosen a selection of pop artist Ashley Longshore’s works that will be sold alongside a collection of Tisch’s summer “must-haves.”

Longshore’s offerings will be made up of 40 to 50 pieces in a variety of sizes and mediums including paintings, sculptures and furniture. Other featured items will include custom cashmere sweaters by Rachelle Hruska MacPherson’s Lingua Franca line bearing Longshore’s punny phrases. The event will also include home and body goods from Sage & Salt.

“Over the course of my 24-year career, I’ve been very particular about who I collaborate with. I’ve met a lot of people in my life and very few who have the good energy, positive vibes and zest for life that Lizzie has,” said Longshore, who is based in New Orleans and is well-known for her pop feminism work.


LTD by Lizzie Tisch logo.

To attend, people can RSVP to The event will take place July 14 from noon to 5 p.m. and July 15 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tisch was the cofounder of Suite 1521, a membership shopping destination. In August, she and her partner Kim Kassel said they would wind down the business after a four-year run. The company hosted members-only trunk shows.

Describing the venture, Tisch said, “It combines all the elements of what makes shopping fun — people, places and things. What I learned from Suite 1521 is people don’t just want to buy something, they really want to have a sense of community. They want a joint experience. They like the sense of gathering. While online shopping can certainly be convenient, it’s very transactional. The consumer is curious and sophisticated, and what they’re really craving is a sense of community, and sure, if you throw something in to buy that’s great, too.”

“The idea of coming together and making it a social event is really my idea. It’s a platform to create these beautifully executed events in a variety of spaces. It’s not just a stagnant place,” said Tisch. She said her goal is to infuse shopping with excitement and a sense of discovery by offering limited-edition and exclusive product.

A portion of sales proceeds will go to The Retreat, which provides domestic violence and sexual assault services on Eastern Long Island.

Tisch said she plans to host several of these events a year. “I envision this being themed events. What I like about this concept is that it’s not just ready-to-wear. It really touches everything, the world of art, beauty and design. My next idea that I plan for the fall will have a travel theme. I’m looking to present it in a way not seen before. It’s not just going to be actual objects, but access to services one would want for their travel,” she said.

Tisch said she is throwing herself into this as a full-time business. “I’ve discovered the thing about myself is I don’t do well with idle hands. Freedom is not my friend. This is absolutely a full-time business. I don’t know how to work another way.”

She said after Suite 1521 she was eager to get back into business.

“I think it’s a long time coming in terms of this concept. It’s really a passion of mine, but in bringing the brands together, putting them in unique locations, making the shopping experience not just a sense of discovery but a sense of fun. It think that’s what’s missing at this moment. And I think there’s so many people doing interesting things, you can put them together in a way they might not have done that before. That’s what I’m hoping to provide.” She’s planning on using a variety of spaces.

One thing she learned from her experiences is that people want things to go. “They don’t want to wait. People do not have a lot of patience anymore. Instant gratification. You don’t just want to wear it tonight, you want to read it right now, you want to eat it right now. To me, that is more of the concept. Everything is to go,” she said.

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