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London Designer Matty Bovan Unveils Purgatory-Themed Poster ’Zine

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ART PROJECT: Emerging London talent Matty Bovan is falling deeper in love with newsprint with the launch of his second ’zine Need4Mead, in partnership with Jamie Allan Shaw, publisher of Enlarge Your Memories.

The limited edition, large-format magazine retails at 15 pounds at Donlon Books in Hackney, east London.

The title explores the idea of Purgatory and British folklore. “We had seen a lot of weird religious imagery and we decided to loosely base it on the idea of Purgatory and being in between Heaven and Hell,” Bovan said.

Images from photographer Dexter Lander are featured on one side and on the flip side are visuals shot by photographer Lucy Alex Mac. “This was the perfect dreamscape to bring everyone together as I wanted to work with Dexter Lander and [the Manchester-based artist] Rory Mullen and reunite with Lucy Alex Mac,” said Bovan of the collaboration.

Shot in York, Hartlepool and Manchester, images feature Bovan and friends inside the Cleveland College of Art and Design, with a church set in the background. Models are covered in face and body paint and are dressed in brown and white tunics. Their poses mimic those found in religious works of art.

Special masks created by Mullen and Bovan, such as one made from bread, are featured in other images alongside garments made by Bovan specifically for the project.

“I didn’t use clothes from the last collection, because I didn’t want it to date. I wanted it to be fluid, so I just made clothes on the spur of the moment that I felt would fit with the theme,” Bovan said.

Bovan, who held his first solo show in February during London Fashion Week, is working on his spring/summer 2019 collection and said that an art-related project will be coming out in September. He previously showed as part of the Fashion East collective.

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