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Lululemon to Donate More Than $1 Million From Thursday’s Expected Sales

The Lululemon storefront on Fifth Avenue.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. on Thursday will donate 100 percent of profits — 16 percent of sales — from in-store and online to benefit nonprofit groups that increase access to and meditation for communities that face barriers to well-being.

The donation will be made through the company’s Here to Be program, a social impact initiative that was started in 2016. The yoga apparel firm expects that the donation would be more than $1 million. Thursday was designated by the United Nations as International Day of Yoga four years ago.

Celeste Burgoyne, executive vice president, Americas, said, “Cultural, geographical, physical and financial barriers remain today that stand in the way of people participating in yoga or meditation. Through Here to Be, and our guests can support grassroots organizations focused on well-being in our communities around the world.”

So far more than 300 nonprofit organizations in 27 countries have received $5.4 million in grants, in-kind contributions and support through the Here to Be program. The program partners serve groups such as survivors of violent conflicts and trauma, veterans, at-risk youths and individuals with illnesses or disabilities. Yearly support range from $2,500 for local partners to $100,000 for strategic partners.

Lululemon recently partnered with Beall Research Inc. to survey more than 4,000 adults across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. about their attitudes regarding yoga.

Roughly one-third or about 31 percent of total respondents said they do not know how to do yoga, while a similar number believe that they are not athletic enough, or out of shape, to do yoga. About 25 percent said they do not have time, while about 20 percent said they do not know anyone who does yoga. Women are more likely than men to have a regular yoga practice, while participation is highest among those between ages 18 and 29. The survey found that participation declines with age. And across countries and demographics, 80 percent of those who said they practice yoga also said they receive mental health benefits — reducing stress and improving concentration — by doing so.

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