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Margherita Missoni Amos Collaborates With Mott50 for Sun-Protective Swimwear

Margherita Missoni has collaborated with Mott50 for sun-protective clothing.

IN THE SWIM: Margherita Amos has teamed with the sun protective apparel brand Mott50 for women’s and children’s swimwear.

The resort capsule collection will launch in October with an assortment of bold-colored options. In tandem with Mott50’s chief executive officer and founder Anne Reilly, Missoni has dreamed up performance swimwear with retro elements such as zippered necklines, flounced skirts, polo collars and color-blocking.

Reached in Europe on a family vacation, Missoni said one challenge of designing this sun-shielding collection was the need for ample coverage on the arms and neckline. “Performance-oriented sun-protected swimwear is normally very sports-driven from a style perspective. It’s very sporty and contemporary. What I tried to do was to make it more retro,” she said. “Back in the day they used to cover themselves up more so I picked up some of the aspects of that and mixed them with contemporary fabrics and techniques,” adding that the references span from the Forties through the Seventies.

While the average T-shirt provides 5 UPF, Mott50 apparel claims to have 50+ UPF to fend off UVA and UVB without harmful toxins that are used in certain sun lotions. The company aims to curtail the estimated 50 million people who are treated annually for skin cancer in the U.S. Missoni, a mother of two, was approached by Mott50 about joining forces. To launch the collection in the U.S., Missoni plans to head to Los Angeles, a city with year-round pool and beach culture.

Missoni said she always has an eye on advancements in technology and performance-driven fabrics — a trait shared by her grandmother Rosita — the matriarch of the Missoni brand. Mott50’s trademarked athletic fabric measured up for its lightweightness and breathability. The women’s collection will retail from $58 to $195, and the children’s line will start at $32. (Missoni’s other collaborations have included and luxury handbag-maker Ximena Kavalekas.) Margherita Missoni has named a long-sleeved one-piece swimsuit “Margherita” and other styles also have names like “Angela” and “Lucia.”

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