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Michael Kors, Bette Midler Open Gate to Essex Street Community Garden

Lance Le Pere, Michael Kors and Bette Midler.

On a crowded block of Brooklyn, and Bette Middler managed to make the longest day of the year feel like a walk in the park — most literally.

Kors and his husband, Lance Le Pere, joined Midler Thursday night to kick off the New York Restoration Project’s grand opening of the Essex Street Community Garden with a ribbon cutting and summer solstice block party for the Brooklyn neighborhood.

“This is a gift from the heart,” Midler said before cutting the ribbon with garden shears. “We want you to take it into your hearts and let it be the special place in your lives. Please, it’s yours. It’s for you. Enjoy it.”

Kors and his husband partnered with Midler and the NYPR to develop the community park — a 3,200-square-foot green haven that can be used for growing, gathering and celebrating alike. The space will be the first NYC Community garden to be 100 percent solar-powered, featuring a gazebo, Wi-Fi, a projection screen for events and plenty of greenery hand-planted by Kors, Le Pere and NYRP community gardeners.

“I’m a born and bred New Yorker, and I think in New York, what’s the greatest luxury? The greatest luxury is space and nature,” Kors said. “And to be able to take a green space and put it next to a subway track — that’s luxury.”

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