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Mr. Bags Designs Tod’s Purse for WeChat ‘Baoshop’ Launch

500 pieces of this Tod's and Mr. Bags collaboration will go on sale.

BEIJING—Chinese fashion blogger Mr. is to launch his own mini program shop within WeChat, debuting a new canine-themed, limited-edition Tod’s purse as the first product to go up on sale via the channel.

Five hundred pieces of a limited edition micro Wave backpack were created for the milestone, doubling up in number from the previous collaboration the influencer, real name Tao Liang, did with the Italian brand. The purse features dog-like details in a reference to the year of the dog being celebrated in China this year.

Three hundred pieces will be available on June 26 via the mini program hosted within the WeChat ecosystem, called “Baoshop”, while the rest will be available three days later at select Tod’s boutiques globally and the Tod’s official website.

Liang’s shop will have the distinction of being the first WeChat mini program to work directly with brands to sell luxury designs and products, other than the brands’ own official ones, he said, and will allow for a more personal touch and a seamless “reading-to-shopping” experience.

“Products in Baoshop will either be Mr. Bags capsules or limited edition,” Liang told WWD, also adding, ” Baoshop is not only introducing products to customers but also gathering all customers’ feedback and deliver it to the brand.”

For example, the Tod’s purse was designed specifically in mind to reflects certain trends heating up in the market.

“Mini bags that can exactly fit in a phone, a card case and a lip stick, are very popular now,” Liang said. “Chinese girls usually have a petite and girly look, so they love small bags that are light, cute and functional.”

The ubiquity of mobile payment platforms in China has also made wallets an option rather than a necessity to bring out, meaning bags can get even smaller.

The purse riffs on the theme of the dog which is a celebrated zodiac animal this year in China.The purse riffs on the theme of the dog which is a celebrated zodiac animal this year in China.

The purse is designed to look like a dog which is the celebrated zodiac animal this year in China.

Liang noted also that PVC transparent bags have become very popular recently in the market.

Talking about the future of commerce on WeChat, Liang said WeChat has already established itself as a mature platform to move a large amount of stock when it comes to cosmetics or products that are lower priced. As for its viability as a platform for luxury, he said that for full price items, “it’s hard to find an ecommerce platform that’s performing outstanding[ly] in China. Many brands work with local ecommerce platform directly, but their sales result are not impressive.”

Pointing to the sold out collection of over a thousand pieces from the Mr. Bags x Longchamp capsule collection he did in December, Liang said, “even for offline boutiques, it’s usually very hard to sell out one thousand pieces within two hours.”

The purse comes with a detachable shoulder strap.The purse comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

The purse comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

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