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Original Grain Creates Special Red Sox Watch

The Original Grain special Red Sox watch.

The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry has extended to wristwatches.

Last year, Original Grain Watch Co., which specializes in storytelling timepieces, offered a limited-edition collection themed to the Bronx Bombers that used wood from the original 1923 Yankee Stadium seats.

Not to be outdone, Original Grain has turned its attention this season to its division rivals, the Red Sox. The company has created another limited-edition championship watch set, but this one features reclaimed wood from the 1946 wooden seats at Fenway Park. That watch — the .406 Barrel timepiece —commemorates the batting average that Red Sox star Ted Williams ended the 1941 season with — the last major leaguer to do so.

The watch will retail for $595 and launch on June 29, just in time for the start of this weekend’s series between the two teams.

The Yankee watch is still available as well and retails for $795.

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