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Renzo Rosso Teases Diesel Campaign About Hate

Renzo Rosso teases Diesel's "Hate Couture" campaign in Paris

LOVE IT OR HATE IT: ’s showed up at the Maison Margiela show on Wednesday wearing a T-shirt that said “Haute Couture” – only with the “u” crossed out so it read “Hate Couture.”

The slogan was a teaser for Diesel’s fall campaign, the label said in a statement provided exclusively to WWD. “Diesel’s Haute Couture will be a bold message towards haters worldwide — and an invitation for everyone to step up, face and own the negative messages we receive every day,” it said.

The campaign is a statement against today’s trolling culture, explained Rosso, whose OTB group owns Maison Margiela.

“Diesel is a brand that has always done something, provocative, crazy, with irony, and of course the irony today is to take away the ‘u’ and becoming ‘a’ and doing more to play with the ‘hate,’” he told WWD before the show.

“There’s so much hate on social, so many people want to say ‘bull****’ against the others, but today we take the opportunity of haute couture to rebalance with the hate,” he added.

The ads will be revealed on Sept. 1, Rosso said, promising: “This campaign will be a super magic atomic bomb, something incredible.”

Diesel was so confident of the online reaction to Rosso’s outing, it commented on the outcome before it even happened.

“Diesel founder Rosso wanted to provoke his audience with an intentional misspelling in public and on Instagram. As expected, many comments appeared in his feed over the next few hours, giving more proof that conflict and hate are inescapable online,” it said.

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