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Russell Wilson and Ciara Rock Huge Hats for Royal Ascot

Russell Wilson and Ciara are in the UK for the Royal Ascot horse races … and, man, do they look dishy!!

In case you don't know your onions … Royal Ascot is a historic horse racing event in England that's been going on since the 1700s … with everybody from the Royal Family to huge celebs in attendance.

Seriously, the Queen and Princess Beatrice are both there — so you know it's a big deal.

Of course, there's a strict dress code that requires everyone to style out their noggins with massive head wear … which explains why the Seahawks superstar looks like the Monopoly guy.

There's big money involved on the track — with roughly $10 MILLION in prize money. No word if the Queen ever places any bets — but it'd be weird considering she'd be using money with her face on it.

But, the biggest shocker of the day … one of the dudes in the royal procession FELL OFF HIS HORSE — but, don't worry, everyone makes mistakes … right, Russell? (#HandItToMarshawn).

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