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Saks Backs New York Times, Sacai ‘Truth’ Capsule With Window

The Sacai New York Times Window at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The is getting bit more fashionable.

With a small collaboration with , which created for fall a T-shirt and hoodie featuring the paper’s “Truth” campaign that rolled out last year after the President Trump-led advent of public figures labeling any unfriendly news story “fake news,” the Times’ mission is getting its own window display at .

Although the small collection gives Saks the opportunity to participate in the trendy “drop” concept by releasing a capsule along with the window reveal, Yumi Shin, general merchandising manager of Saks, said there was a little more to wanting the collaboration.

“We felt Saks is an iconic New York department store and The New York Times is an iconic New York publisher and we wanted to get behind the capsule,” Shin said. “We feel that Sacai is such a creative brand and is super authentic in its approach and the message is very relevant today, so we wanted to support it.”

Steve Mayne, executive director of commerce at the Times, said the paper was “thrilled” to work with Sacai, which includes a licensing agreement, not least because it “was an excellent opportunity to amplify the message” of the Truth campaign.

Chitose Abe, Sacai’s founder and designer, said the Times’ public rededication to truth fit well in her design ethos of “creating something new while being true to my beliefs and identity.”

“I thought this was a great chance to affirm this notion by what The New York Times declared perfectly,” she added.

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