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Vans, Marvel to Unveil Superheroes Collection

Vans Marvel

POWER PACKED: and Marvel teamed again for a collaboration that represents a broader assortment sparked by an initial collection between the companies five years ago.

The lineup touches footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women’s and kids and is significantly larger than what the two produced in their first go-round.

“For this collection, we have 70-plus sku’s across footwear and apparel,” said Ashley Ahwah, Vans senior director of global footwear merchandising. “This was definitely a unique project because we tried to capture the essence of Marvel.”

The initial collaboration in 2013 mainly focused on accessories and footwear, Ahwah said. “This season we have true, robust collections across men’s, women’s and kids.”

The offering is comprehensive, with footwear, backpacks, socks, pullovers, T-shirts, jackets and hats that combine Marvel comic book artwork and Vans graphics.

Characters pulled into the collection include Black Panther, Deadpool, The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow, among others.

The collection, expected to be released June 8, will be supplemented at retail with window displays in-store and will also be sold online.

“When we approach these projects, the overall goal is to drive energy and promote sell-out from our consumers. That is definitely something we’re anticipating,” Ahwah said of how the collection is expected to fare in stores.

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