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Walmart Removes Anti-Trump Apparel From Web Site

Bowing to pressure from supporters of President Trump, Walmart Inc. removed T-shirts for adults and onesies for infants bearing the legend “Impeach 45.” The items, listed on, drew the ire of conservatives, who encouraged consumers via social media to shun the retail giant, with #BoycottWalmart trending on Twitter.

“These items were sold by third-party sellers on our open marketplace and were not offered directly by Walmart,” said a spokeswoman for the retailer. “We’re removing these types of items pending review of our marketplace policies.”

Walmart continues to sell Make America Great Again merchandise, the slogan Trump made popular with his constituency during the presidential campaign.

No sooner did Walmart remove the Impeach 45 merchandise from its web site Tuesday afternoon than Daily Snark posted, “Walmart bowed to pressure. We won’t. If you want an Impeach 45 shirt, here you go.” The post contained a link to .com and a men’s Impeach Trump T-shirt for $19.99, women and kids, $17.99, as well as other anti-Trump apparel such as a Dotard-in-Chief T-shirt, $18.99, and sweatshirt that reads, “Very Stable Genius,” $39.99.

Walmart’s Twitter feed included Jonnyg137’s comment, “Stop giving your dollars to @Walmart. Those #LiberalLogic anti-patriot crackpots need to know that #Conservative #america won’t stand for them selling T-shirts that speak of impeaching 45.”

Leanne Howard Kennedy tweeted, “Not usually involved w/#boycott #campaigns, but trashy #Walmart has done something so egregious, in I weigh. #Walmart is selling #Impeach45 shirts, including a baby onesie. Apparently, they do not care about the 63M #voters who elected #President #Trump.”

Meanwhile, across the political aisle, the Democratic Coalition tweeted, “LOL, wow @Walmart, not expected from you, but everyone needs one of these jerseys ASAP.”

In fact, the majority of comments were in favor of the T-shirts. “Never will I #BoycottWalmart for this. Just the opposite, I am going to do more shopping there now. Woo hoo!” QueenDiva said.

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