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We Are Reaching New Heights | The Shoe Diary

Lifestyle We Are Reaching New Heights | The Shoe Diary June 6, 2018 by Office Blogger No Comments “Picture

A women’s love for a good high heel is fairly notable. You’ll see it, the right amount of height, a tough attitude and and a sprinkle sass can be spotted a mile away. We love a pair of killer heels paired with a stellar dress and a night out on the town (or a dinner will suffice). Our latest heels are hitting all the right trends and leaving us wanting to make fabulous plans so we can show off our latest purchases. We like to channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw, and always look our most glamorous, therefore we share some insight into the high heights of our heels:

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The go to rules of wearing heels:

-Be confident, and totally own your outfit

-Aim for a comfortable height. Its so important to know what you can and can’t wear, we all know there is nothing worse than going too high.

-If you’re wearing all black, why not make a statement with one of our brightly coloured heels?

-Wearing denim and a white blouse? Why not toughen the look with a studded heel

-Explore metallics. Metallic heels feel like a little party on your feet and suit almost any shade ( you can even mix metallics)

-Going on a date? Nothing beats a classic black strappy heel. Be sure not to sport your highest pair if it’s a first date and if this is your long time boo, go for it!

-Wanting a classic heel for work? We aim for a block or mid-heel. Not all ladies can wear tall heels, there a mid-heel is always a safe option.

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