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Yara Shahidi Reveals Weird Guilty Pleasures, Drugstore Beauty and More

In honor of National Nail Polish Day, put your best fingers forward.

Opt for something out of your manicure norm. Choose a color you'd never try. Or just find inspiration from Yara Shahidi, Hollywood's next-gen fashion icon. The Grown-ish actress teamed up with Essie to exclusively share with E! News her one-nail guilty pleasure, celebrity style role model and sage beauty advice.

You're quite the style chameleon—what's your everyday uniform look like?
Tracksuits are definitely my everyday uniform. I look for comfort and bright colors. Anything from bright purple to blue to pastels are within my closet—my favorite is actually my yellow tracksuit. I go with the classics from Nike to Tory Burch, who offer a wide variety. Our friend, designer, Melody Ehsani has really cool monochrome tracksuits. I actually wore one to the wrap party for Black-ish—while everyone else had dresses on, I was in my tracksuit.

How do you decide which risky trends to try and which to avoid?
Although I like to step out of my comfort zone, I still have to feel comfortable. A lot of it has to do with "Why am I doing this?" Is it about being fun, vibrant and enjoyable or because everyone else is doing it? That ultimately decides it. You still want to feel like yourself and in your environment.

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